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Survey & Tally


Well experienced and qualified Surveyors, undertake following surveys / inspections at Star Integrated Shipping Agency Pakistan, Karachi.

  • Nautical and Engineering Consultancy.

  • Pre-Insurance / Club's pre-entry Condition Surveys of all types & size of vessels.

  • Hull and Machinery Surveys of all types & size of vessels.

  • Recommendations and Supervision of Repairs of Hull and Machinery.

  • Third Party Damages including damages to Port Facilities such as Jetty / Quay, Fixed and Floating Objects.

  • Oil Pollution Cases.

  • Injuries / Death investigations of Ships Crew of third party.

  • On / Off-Hire Surveys of all types & sizes of vessels.

  • Deadweight & Draught Surveys.

  • Inspection of Ship's Cargo Spaces for fitness for loading Bulk or Bagged Cargoes.

  • Recommendation & verification of Securing & Lashing of various cargoes onboard.

  • Cubic Measurements of various types of Cargoes.

  • Cargo Condition Survey during Discharging & Pre-Loading of Bulk, General & Bagged Commodities.


    We carry out tally for ships loading different commodities in bags. Star Integrated Shipping Agency Limited, has highly skilled personnel inducted in this division, who are well experienced/competent in managing such technicalities.





Survey n Tally

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About us:

We caters to crew changes,delivery of ship spares,
replenishment of fresh water and water bunkers etc.
Our authorities are very flexible on visa formalities
for crew joining and repatriated. High speed motor
launches are available for OFF PORT LIMIT

We also have a Trading Division, which trades in
numerous commodities.

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Karachi Branch
Telephone: +92 (021) 35291808-10
Fax: +92 (021) 35291805
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